Saturday, May 21, 2011

A letter to those who gave life to me...

Respected Incensed Parent,

I am well aware that the world requires me to multi task with cleaning the toilet bowl and attending to a career at the same time. And I am also aware of the fact that the chauvinistic bastards who call themselves prospective grooms expect a slave more than they want a wife, I'm aware that my disability to cook good food will be my downfall,the fact that I have talents at numerous other things that can make the world a better place not withstanding. I am also painfully aware that you wish to see me off to my "husband's house" as soon as possible and irrespective of how much you drone about societal pressures, I can't shake off the feeling that being a girl is equal to being a burden. And so, it is but natural that you belittle my achievements in a "language class" that is nothing more than a hobby for you. But do realize that for me, it is life. I thrive on the fact that finally there is something I'm not terrible at. And that my worth is appreciated there. And the fact that I can have a career there, doing something I love is something that pleases me. I am well aware that you feel I shouldn't work hard to be good at my Japanese because I don't spend enough time being the prospective and lucrative bride.

I am hurt. Not that either of you would actually give a damn! But then again, why should you? Especially when you will never read it. Anyway, this is just one of those letters that I write for the simple reason that writing it made it seem like there was someone to talk to. I am aware that once I post this, I shall once again return to being that single "weird" entity whose sensibilities are at once alien and silly to you and like-minded adults.

Your differently-abled daughter.


  1. Hey worries cheer up...may you find someone who really appreciates and encourages you to do what you like the most!!! Good luck with your Japanese classes...may u have that "kawaii" little smile posted on your face all the while!
    Remember not all the grooms are the way u think!!!

  2. Ah, Anonymous-san! I agree... but I'm really doubtful if I can find someone who'll understand me for who I am when people I've been with for twenty odd years fail to comprehend! :( Ah... Daijoubu!