Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor has joined the choir invisible.

I guess this must be late news to many out there. But what the heck! Elizabeth Taylor was one of those special celebrities for whom I had the greatest respect. Irrespective of the fact that her personal life was a roller coaster of sorts, the lady knew how to hold the attention garnered on her and elegantly so. What with those elegant and thick eyebrows that framed one of the most beautiful pair of blue eyes ever, it'll be a wonder if she didn't!

I remember the first time I saw her was on the cover of an archaic video cassette of the movie Cleopatra. I must've been five or six at the time. My uncle had borrowed the cassette from a friend of his and we were all excited. You see, home video at that time was a luxury and very few people actually had a VHS player in their houses. I was mesmerized by the actress who played Cleopatra and for a very long time, when I thought of Elizabeth Taylor, I immediately thought of the scene where Cleopatra is crowned the queen of Egypt and goes out in this grand procession to Rome.

Then, there was "The Taming of the Shrew". She was beyond excellent in that! I remember with much fondness how I gleefully giggled every time she fought with Richard Burton (on screen, ofcourse!) in that movie. She defined Katharina to me when I was only beginning to discover Shakespeare. Ah, such fond memories.

You know, I personally feel one shouldn't mourn someone's passing. Wouldn't it do the deceased much greater honor if we were to reminisce the good times we spent with them. And so, thank you Dame Elizabeth. Thank you for all the good memories you've blessed me with.

Heaven became a tad bit richer and Earth just as much poorer. We've lost a star.

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