Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Alright.... deep breathing! Must remember to breathe deep! *calms down* If there are any folks out there in India who're big fans of ARASHI, you'll love what I'm going to say next!

Ohno-san is in India! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

They're in Jaipur right now shooting for an upcoming movie in the "Kaibutsu-kun" franchise. To read more about that juicy bit of news, go here!

To think that I am in the same country as Ohno-san! And when I told my mom about this (amidst a million squeals and giggles), guess what she says,

"Hey... your uncle and aunt are there in Jaipur for their vacations."

So, officially, I have a relative who's in the same city as Ohno-san. I have a family member in the same city as Ohno-san! Oh my god... if only they'd come down south... along with the other guys from Arashi.

Keh... like that'll happen! I get the "oh-my-god-she's-babbling-stuff-again-call-the-shrink" look everytime I sing japanese songs out loud.
And when I get all hyper whenever I'm at the
Manga section in Landmark (even if the ones they have aren't japanese manga and are almost always crappy), I get the "back-away-slowly-lest-she-bite-us-frothing-in-the-mouth" stare from relative strangers. Like hell, they'll come perform here live!

But I think in my perfect universe, ARASHI and Kalafina come down to my city to perform live.... *sigh* I sure am a dreamer, ne?

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