Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hopes and prayers

I believe most of us would have heard and witnessed the disaster that struck Japan yesterday.

It's a little overwhelming knowing that irrespective of how advanced Man considers himself to be, Nature always proves him wrong.

I sincerely hope Japan as a nation and people endure the difficult times ahead. And even if I cannot be of much help directly, I shall send my prayers their way and hope that what little I can hope to do makes a difference.

Don't worry guys! We're all here for you. It's during trying times that people forget race and creed and all other silly man-made discriminations and come together as one for a good cause. And if this doesn't constitute as one, God knows what would!

And when I checked my blog's stat, I saw that there had been a person from Japan who'd viewed my page yesterday. I sincerely hope that person is safe and sound! :)

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