Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm going to Kerala.... after an eon!!!

Well, after a gap of a decade, I'll be heading to Kerala once more this year! It's been so long! They have a really famous festival of sorts happening during the first week of April and apparantly, the last time I went there for that was when I was a year old. So, rest assured, I can't remember a thing. But my entire family has been abrading me forever about how much I've been missing the action. The long line of decorated elephants, the splendid fireworks that could put New Year's celebrations at Times Square to shame, the music on the streets that would get a dying man dancing, the food!

But fey fate! Like in any fairytale, there's an evil warlord in this one as well. And as I turn to my table, I flinch a little at the sight of the offending abomination that had to manifest itself just about now!! How am I supposed to go to a festival of such seminal proportions with no means to capture the scenery around me?! *sigh* My poor camera is well on its way to the underworld, thanks to a broken lens arrangement. So, all of you will have to make do with the pictures I paint with words to know how it was. Yes, it's a sad sad world. But not that we can do anything about it now, ne?

I am so going to get a Nikon DSLR camera as soon as I have sufficient funds! *cough* whenever that is! 

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