Monday, March 21, 2011

They're showing Bleach in Animax!

For all the Anime enthusiasts out there....the few and far between, there's some good news ahead. They're showing Bleach in original Japanese Dub on Animax. Well, they're still only on Season 2 and I've almost given up watching it after I found out I couldn't keep up with the online watching schedule. But anyway, I'll be watching it from time to time just to gawk at Byakuya Kuchiki.... it's not legal for one man to be that awesome!

So yeah... that's about all the excitement my life has for now. *sigh* sometimes you ride the world and most of the times the world rides you!

To keep your spirits up, here's a dancing raccoon.

The Internet is a very weird place!

P.S. This post has two dancing raccoon pics (videos... whatever!). And just to set the records straight, I'm going mad gradually! :D

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