Wednesday, March 2, 2011's farewell, isn't it?

I saw the final episode of Inuyasha today... It was nice... Well... sort of... I guess I'm still recovering from the fact that it is actually over!
*sigh* What a weird world we live in and how much weirder are the ones who inhabit it! I'm actually depressed about a show being over! Sheesh! Right... Just so you know, I hope they make another movie out of it but then again, I guess it would be like spreading too little butter on too much bread. I should just let things be...

And speaking of letting things be, am I the only one who actually felt sorry for Naraku? Seriously... All the guy wanted was to be loved by Kikyo. Sure, any girl who's at the recieving end of his affection isn't exactly going to be in a "traditional" relationship of sorts! (Imagine your guy falling apart once a month and then pulling himself together... quite literally!) Poor dude... he just wanted something that simple and instead of just asking nicely, he decided "Kill Kill faster! Faster!" was the only way out!

Aaaaaaanyway, I'm really sad and in a funk that the show is finally over but hey! Maybe, I'll watch it again... The Internet is a wonderful place afterall! But still... It's not going to be the same knowing that it's all over. Rumiko Takahashi-sama! Please write some other story with the same characters! Maybe how Inu no Taisho met Izayoi... their love story... or.. or... Sesshomaru's love story... wait... that's not good! That would mean I can't fantasize! Ahem... Anyway, Please Takahashi-sama! Onegaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~i!!!

Alrighty, enough sadness and despair! As the wise often quoth,

So, onto further tales and good ones retold!

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