Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did they go to school to be that dumb?

Well, I've got some very interesting news to share. I don't know how many people actually remember that odd and awfully evil place I was working at a long time ago... the place where they ensnared innocent people to work and slog away to nothingness just because they need to get richer! Well, I'm ever so glad I left that place and do not look forward to rejoining there any time soon.

Now, apparantly, they're short on staff (no sane person would work there for more than three months tops!) and so, had one of their employees text me if I wanted to join back.

I'm beginning to wonder what makes them think I'll join back? Whatever did they take me for? Ah whatever! I'm ignoring their calls and if they're even half as intelligent as they claim to be, they'll get the message!

Oh, and someone is madly in love with me.... or so they declare! Please.... grow up! Humans don't love, they think of forming attachments with other humans for mutual gain. If you want love, get a puppy!


  1. hmm.frustration does this to ppl..
    is there still anyone working there.. dat was a surprise...and am getting a puppy..

  2. @ Mistletoe, you're getting a puppy?! Awwwwwww.... I wish i could cuddle one right now! :D