Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where has the virtue gone?

Today, I had a trial of sorts. And in the most unexpected of places. I was in a place of worship, mindful of my own business when someone intentionally was rude to me. True, I was in his way. But rather than wait for a while and let me finish my small prayer, he was more intent on having me out of the path as though I was something demeaning. I believe there was a time when people were segregated into different sects and standing a long time ago... a practice that's reviling and disgusting to say the least. Especially when it comes to a place of worship. Isn't everyone the same in front of the Supreme One? And where has the patience that the sages of yore advocated us to possess vanished off to? I was angered at first but then I realized. If I were to retaliate, I would pull myself to the same baseborn level as that unfortunate soul. And I for one, refuse to be tempted to do that.

I pray that man finds the inner peace he so frantically is searching for and in the process hurting many a person. And for once, I am proud of my own restrain.

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