Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hmmmmmmmmm.......I was just thinking........

I don't know how many of your dear people out there actually click on the "Next Blog" Link on the navigation bar on the top once your interest in the blog you're reading is exhausted. As a matter of fact, I find if rather humbling to know that almost all of the people who visit my blog and who've decided to follow it must've come across it using the tiny "Next Blog" link.

And it also occurs to me that my blog is most probably always preceded and followed by blogs of people who're very religious. Most of the blogs I find clicking the "next Blog" button from my blog are those speaking of communities where missionaries are helping build schools in Africa or something just as important. And I think how privileged I am... and in a way, protected. I don't think there's just one definitive religion in the world. We all travel towards the One Truth through different paths and sometimes, these paths cross. That's all. And seeing all this positive feelings emanating from the hopeful and happy messages from the authors of those blogs, it makes me wonder if it was God's doing to have my blog surrounded by those of the ones who work for a better tomorrow... perhaps his way of saying he's there for me... that he'll protect me no matter what!

Wow! If that's the case, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever told me or conveyed to me! :D 

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