Friday, March 18, 2011

*sigh* Life.... is weird at times!

Has it ever struck you that it is exactly when you're down and out that people all around seem to pick on you?
And this is also the time when you wish something awful happens and finish everything up! And then you realize, hey... so what if I didn't get the things I needed! I'm at least alive! Then again... you see your family glaring daggers down your back and pose a myriad "what-ifs" and "if-only's". And then you wonder where the freight train that was supposed to hit you, dematerialized to.

Ah well.... I guess I could be worse off! Or could I? AAAAARGHHHHH!!!! I feel the urge to kill something now! *takes deep breaths* I'm calm.... I must remember Zig Ziglar's quote... Failure is only an event; not a person.

P.S. I've customized the Post title.... see? See? Nice ne? :D I'll be doing a bit more customizations to make this actually look like something I wrote!

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