Saturday, March 12, 2011

When will we ever learn?!

Just when I thought Mankind was at the point of redemption, what with everybody pledging support for a disaster struck Japan, I've been forced to think that maybe we are selective about expressing sympathy.

Now, I know there will be so many of you out there who will think that comparing two causes involving humans in one and animals in the other would automatically mean that the causes directly related to humans should take precedence. I beg to defer! How can it be that we consider an animal's life not that valuable just because it is not human? How can an animal's pain and suffering be any less significant than a human's? Is it because they can't speak? or perhaps they don't wear white lab coats and inject lethal chemicals into other creatures just to see how fast they die? Seriously... When did we fall so low?

Thanks to the EU ban on all forms of Animal Testing which will come into effect from 2013, a lot of these "companies" that are unapologetic about animal testing are finally realizing that not many of their consumers are actually enthusiastic about this archaic and unscientific method.

And so, L'Oreal is finally joining the bandwagon of the cruelty free (or rather, they're forced to!). You can read more on that topic HERE and HERE.

But the thing that really bugs me is that the company is on a propaganda to portray itself to be some sort of pioneer in the field of alternative methods of testing. But in reality, they're just trying to save face! Hah! L'Oreal, did you really think I'll fall for that?

Not to mention their entirely racist actions regarding their sales associates and the other stupidities they've been responsible for! L'Oreal will need to do more than that to gain my acceptance. They'll need to accept the truth that they're stopping Animal testing because they don't see any other way. Now, doesn't that paint an entirely different picture of the company? One of a begrudging good-doer? And since it's the spirit in which one decides to do a good cause, I shall continue my boycott of L'Oreal products as long as they maintain this "Lone Ranger" kind of image. If I remember correctly, L'Oreal was actually lobbying for an extension on the outright Ban from the EU. So much for the "wanting to do good for the animals" image!

And in other news, L'Oreal had acquired The Body Shop and so, that means I have been boycotting TBS as well! TBS was a company I had a lot of respect for. But after this, I'm not so sure.

And then there's Unilever, another company that decided to test it's Lipton tea on animals and then had to stop when the rap on the knee was a little too hard. In their website, they claim to be spending €3 million a year for research on alternative methods of testing. It's a little minuscule compared to the amount they earn a year. Less than a percent actually. Corporate greed sure is hard to get rid of!

I cannot imagine why these huge companies that can actually afford the alternative methods don't do anything but the small companies actually give a damn! I'll probably be a very happy person the day Himalaya Herbals decides to try their hands at cosmetics! :)

P.S. I know not many of my friends and family share my ideals as far as ethics is concerned. But if this post actually made an impact on atleast one person out there, I'll consider my job done! :D

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