Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Industrial Visit! Here I come!

We're finally FINALLY heading out on the much fabled yet hardly experienced IV or Industrial Visit! Sure, it's to some place that's a stone's throw away from my house. But to actually head out there with friends and have an awesome time while we're at it makes it all so much better!

And we're having another department join us as well... the M.Tech-ies! Actually, this is their IV. We're just tagging along so that we don't have to waste out Rs. 500 completely! Oh well... somethings are better than nothing... right?

And not to mention, there are people from the M.Tech department who'd rather jump in front of a burning and accelerating electric train than actually sit in the same bus as us, I'm not exactly sure how funny tomorrow is going to be! But oh well... it can never be dull.

So, I'm off people! I'll try posting pictures if I'm allowed to take snaps! And until then, toodles!

Psssst: I still have to say.... my HOD was born with his brain in his anus!

When in trouble.... stuff a samosa!

Being a person who's pursuing a masters degree in Science, I have attended my fair share of PhD viva-voce sessions. And I just realized that most of the people who present their thesis... have no idea what they're talking about.

And the people under my HOD (Head of the Department) seem to be the dumbest of the lot! The grad students were also called to attend the viva-voce of some bloke who was presneting is final thesis after quite the struggle. His topic was on X-Ray analysis on the various acridenedione samples and other hitherto unheard of compounds!

That was one of those few times when I was in the presence of a person who couldn't even read his own thesis topic without referring the slides! I mean... seeing the slides every now and then is fine. But this person was not looking away from his laptop - ever!

And to make matters worse, the expert panel had some really learned and experienced people that included his guide, my HOD. And they started grilling him with questions. I know it must sound ridiculous that a person who's spent a lot many years doing something doesn't have the answers for some of the simple questions in his supposed "Specialized" field. But guess what people.... that's exactly what was going on. He didn't even have the presence of mind to think on his feet; but then again... I shouldn't expect that from a person who doesn't even know his own thesis title by heart!

This is the second time I'm seeing someone who's done their research work under my HOD fumble so blatantly. But to give my HOD his due credit, he was helping the poor bloke as much as he could humanly do! When the questions got more and more basic and the answers still wouldn't come, he came up with the most brilliant of diversions! Samosa! He was almost about to stuff the snack that was served for everybody down the questioner's throat.

Quite some hospitality there, KSK! ;D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

But maaaaa..... I don't wanna get married!

If there are any early twenty-something Indian women out there who are not interested in getting married right away, this post shall interest ye!

And if you're a parent of an early twenty-something Indian woman and you feel it's about time she got off to her husband's house, this post shall sound like a Rant.

I'm twenty two years old. And as with any normal Indian family, my parents are already being riddled with offers from various 'eligible bachelors from good families' who would make good husbands and for some reason, I find the whole idea pretty amusing.

I mean... come now people! I am hardly old enough to live on my own and they think I'm mature enough to start a family?

Which part of I AM NOT READY FOR THIS YET!!!! don't they understand?

For all those parents out there who want to get your girl married off just because you don't want to see all those good alliances pass you by.... Stop being so silly! We want to be respected for some achievement that 'WE' have done. Not because our husband is so and so or does this and that! And as far as society treating us as old maids is concerned, we couldn't care less! To hell with that hypocritical piece of fecal matter that practices whatever it condemns!

I mean come on! How can anyone expect me to get married to this random stranger and spend the rest of my life with him?! I mean... it's not like I can back out of it like in the case of bad friendships! This is a life long deal people. I know not all men are that bad. But for now, I don't want to take the chance. I want to prove myself to the world... I want to find my own prince (If there is one that is) and I want to live my life according to my code of ethics.

I might be wrong.... but then I would be the only one responsible! And there's always some special connection with the decisions one takes by oneself! A sense of independence... a feeling of individuality. I need that feeling to survive! And so, I've decided.

I will get married 'IF AND WHEN' I am ready and that's the end of it.
I am actually glad that my parents haven't given in to the pressure yet. But hey... I decide my future - for better or for worse!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So what's wrong if I respect and like Kikyo?!

KiKYO 桔梗Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR via Flickr

Why do people hate Kikyo so much? WHat is it about her that makes scores of Inuyasha fans build Kikyo haters club? I don't understand. As far as I am concerned, she is one of the most beautiful and most misunderstood characters of all time!

I mean... come on! All those people out there who call her a bitch and many other names that I shalln't mention here seem to think she had it easy! Hers was a life that not many would want! An eighteen year old girl who is held in this pedestal and thus is completely alienated from all those around her. She was a highly respected person. But all she ever wanted was someone to understand her. And then, someone who's a misfit like her drops in and she thinks she's finally found happiness. But even then, her dreams are shattered.

She's only human! And furthermore, she was a miko who'd fallen in love. Mikos of the Sengoku Jidai weren't supposed to fall in love! And her powers weren't their natural best because of this. And in her dying last moments, she sees the very man she chose to trust kill her. I'm sure I would've killed Inuyasha had I been in her place! But all she did was seal him away. I believe that shows that she actually loved Inuyasha truly and there were dregs of trust left in her soul when it concerned Inuyasha.

And just when her soul should've finally rested in peace (inside Kagome), she's resurected and thrown into the ensuing confusion. Kinda sucks doesn't it? I say she's deep, pretty and always does things for a reason that even though isn't always evident to us lesser mortals.

And so, I hereby proclaim that I am a die hard Kikyo fan and I don't care what people might think of me for this. I respect her and revere her while at the same time empathize her.

Pssst: I seriously doubt if I was similar to her in certain weird inexplainable ways... But... oh well... let's not get that out. =D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 100th post! Ah.... ah... Achooo!

Yay me! This is the official 100th post of this blog. I can't believe it's really been that long! Anyway, I don't feel like celebrating much actually. Blame it on my yearly bout of viral infection.

I'm really really sick and have missed two days worth of classes already!
And as if this wasn't bad enough, I'm being asked to submit my seminar topic pronto. I mean... what kind of a moron would actually keep this up until the last minute?! And the answer is -- My HOD!

And I heard that someone else was taking up a topic I was interested in. Can't really blame them though... nobody knew I was actually going to take up a talk on Carbon nanotubes! And so, now I shall talk on Fullerene Chemistry!

Yay me! *cough cough* Excuse me while I go bang my head somewhere and think up of a way to prepare a twenty something number of slides by tomorrow morning! Keh... like anybody's bothered! (Me... least of 'em all!)

Oh.. and I heard one of the professors doubts if I reeeeally actually have Viral infection or if I am bluffing to escape lab. Gee people! I actually am rather interested in coughing my lungs out than working with a He-Ne laser that pulses when it shouldn't and a lab group where they'd rather feed me to the vultures than help me out (Hmmmm.... maybe being sick isn't so bad afterall! >=D)

Psssst: I don't know where I got the sick ducky from. I hereby proclaim that was just used to portray how sick I was feeling and that I am not the owner of that piccie. It's either that or me puking buckets of bile people... pick your poison! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Achoo... Oooh... gooey!

Hello world... I've been waiting for a chance to see your face! uh~whoaa... hello-*coughspluttercough*

Ahem... Hello there people! It's been quite a day today. I'm feeling slightly under the weather (which is normally... as always HOT!) and I just realized that I tend to get head-colds more during hot days than during chilly ones! Right now, I've a clogged up nose that runs (I don't know how it does that... it's clogged up when I try taking deep breaths but the oooeey-gooey still does come out!)

And to top things up, I need to finalize my Seminar topic by tomorrow. And nope... my idea for presenting higher symmetry groups in Physics was turned down because the dodo of a professor doesn't understand the subject! So now, I'm contemplating whether "fracture to the skulls of silly professors and its characterization" would be good enough or if the "diminished viscosity of nose snot" will be better!

Ai Elbereth! I need a break!

Saturday, July 11, 2009 silly fool...

Dearest Dide,

How is it possible for you and your minions to so easily make friends and then discard them away when you've done using them up? How effortlessly you show how 'low' you are when you cut off all ties when someone you know gets something better in life? How can you accuse others of misunderstanding every bloody thing you do when you don't ever leave that silly pedestal of yours and look down upon everybody around you? How can you go about thinking of yourself to be a Tennyo in disguise when deep down inside I see the true Oni that you are?

How can you be so.... you?

Just so you know... He was a really nice person and you've lost out on his friendship by being the 'person' you are. And I shalln't repeat the same mistakes you've been foolish and selfish enough to commit. He has been a good friend and like a brother to me. I've had enough people being snatched away from me thanks to you and your ploys. I refuse to lose anymore!

Your friend who still can't believe you're being such a prat,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy times at the beach!

Today, we went out to the beach with my Uncle and my niece! It was an awesome way to spend my Saturday! Here are some snaps that I managed to take!

My Niece - Varsha

Mom with Varsha. Dad's somewhere in the background, glaring at tiny crabs! =D

Random Photographer being photographed!

Dad, still glaring at the crab!=P

Random people at the beach

A log floated ashore and suddenly, a lot of Nikon toting dudes were almost lying on top of it trying to take its pictures!

Uncle dearest and Varsha

Daddy (finally let go of the crab ne!), Uncle and Varsha

Mom, dad and Varsha

Random kite flying so high.... *dreams away*

"The Log" that traps unwitting photographers to snap a picture of its magnificent self! Who was I to resist?! ;D

Magnificent Horses that won't take you places!

Samosa Channa! YUM YUM!

Kintama! ROFL

Chili Mala!


The sunset in Marina

Daddy contemplating how to get the car out from behind fifty rows of parked vehicles!

All in all... it was a wonderful trip!

My new knapsack! Woot!

When it rains, it pours! And I for once, know that this is true! how else does one explain getting two branded trousers and an awesome knapsack when one just walks into a shop to look around?

I know I'm tall... I've been bullied at for this one reason since my eighth grade. And add to that, my lanky stature and my buck teeth and you get the class clown. And though my lanky frame has become a bit more plumper (now they say I have a willowy frame!) and my buck teeth all fixed, my height still makes heads turn when I walk into the open. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one. But being tall means lesser leg space in an already cramped bus, ill fitting ready made dresses and trousers... blah blah blah...

And so, I've been on the hunt for the perfect jeans for as long as I can remember! And well, the search ended in Eranakulam recently... at least for now!

Mom, Dad and I had gone temple hopping to Kerala and there, we managed to find an Levi's store right next to our hotel room. We just walked in to inquire the price but somehow, we ended up getting a pair of jeans, a pair of camo cargoes, and a knapsack! I'm way too lazy to post the pictures of the clothing right now. But the knapsack that I now carry to the university, I shall post it's pictures here.

Oh... And I am a HUGE fan of tiny dolls and trinkets that one adds to one's bags to personalize them. I should say my bag's become quite unique in my university in that respect (and this also leads to a lot of flicking of stuff! T__T)!

So.... here she is! =D

The front

The Back

I really love the material on this one!

Maybe I'll post the picture of the cargoes and the jeans (that fit me perfectly! Tra la la la la!!!) some other time! =D

Friday, July 3, 2009

Anatha Thandavam - a movie that made me go.... eeeeeeeh?!

Where do I begin? Hmmm... just so it is understandable as to why I am reviewing this movie, I'll let you guys in on one thing. I'm moved by two things in life. Something that's really mind-blowingly good and something that's utterly sad. This movie falls under the second category. Now before people think this is some tear-jerker of sorts, I'll have them know that this movie moved me - away from ever watching it... or even thinking about watching it.... ever again!

The story is an adaptation on the late Tamil writer Sujatha's story "Pirivom Santhippom" (It means, we'll separate; we'll meet again...or something along those lines). And I don't know how the book was. But if it was anything as corny as the movie, I shall be surprised. Because, Sujatha is supposed to be a really prolific writer (I haven't read his books... It takes me an hour to make it to the second page!) or so my mother says!

The story begins with an Anna University Mechanical Engineer (he's my University's alumini?! Gee... I hope there aren't many like him out there!). Even after completing his course, he finds it very hard to secure himself a job. And even though that is kinda surprising,(Anna University students almost always find some job or the other!) after watching his character for fifteen minutes, I can see why! And he returns to his hometown near Ambasamudhram to his doting and understanding father (one of the very few people in the whole movie with something between his ears!). There, he meets Madhumitha, the daughter of the Chief Engineering Officer. She is this really naive and sweet girl whose pranks "supposedly" show her mischievous side (though plainly, five minutes into the whole 'prank' thing, I wanted to smack her up the head and wonder if she even has something that resembles a brain somewhere in her body).

And Raghu sees Madhumitha and she beholds him... blah blah blah... they fall in love. Having known each other for a fortnight, they get engaged. And when any normal person would hear alarm bells going off in their heads, our hero floats about in Cloud number nine! And when his father asks him about it, he accuses his pops of being paranoid and silly. (Kids these days!) But things go awry when Raghu takes up a job that Madhumitha's pops sets up for him (he leaves, completely forgetting his father - the man who raised him and fed him and clothed him... Seriously, falling in love doesn't make people this selfish and 'jerk'y!)

Enter Radhakrishnan. He is some bigass executive working in Macintosh with an artificial bald-spot that looks downright tacky! And Madhumitha in her childish way chooses to marry him instead. When Raghu hears of this, he is heartbroken! (Le gasp! You don't say!) He tries to kill himself but survives and decides to carry on with his life after his daddy-dearest gives him some pearls of wisdom about how chicks dig dudes with the right bling... blah blah... you know...

He gets admitted into New York University and on reaching there, is kinda shaken up by the American society today. (or atleast what the director thinks of it - shootouts, Korean guys killing their girlfriends who cheat on them, coloured people robbing unsuspecting Indians...yep! That is all the ever happens there folks! Oh.. And pole dancing! Am I even making sense here? >__<) There, he meets sensible and well rooted Rathna, a girl who values her independence and her culture equally and has managed to strike a balance between the two. One almost begins to accept that perhaps Raghu has finally put his silly visage and probably lives on like a normal person with a cerebral cortex when Madhumitha makes a comeback in his life and he realizes he likes her even after all the shit he’s been through thanks to her! (Awww…. Sweet…. NOT!)

And so, they meet up more often and soon, Raghu realizes Mr. ‘Baldy a.k.a. Baddy’ is actually sending her off to meet him so he can frolic around with sweet young things. And in the meantime, he is drawn to Rathna and they’re about to get engaged when Madhumitha comes to know of her hubby’s bad side and suffers abuse because of it. She runs to Raghu and asks him to run away with her. And all of this happens on the day he is supposed to get engaged to Rathna in Pittsburg. And so, there’s this huge hullabaloo and Raghu is ‘forced’ to leave Madhumitha. (seriously… forced you say? Oy Vey! And hasn’t that female heard of helplines for abuse victims? Wait… if she was that smart, she wouldn’t be married to the jerk in the first place now, would she!) Madhumitha cuts her hand and gets herself run over by a trailer in Malaysia! (Yep! You heard me right! I don’t think road signs are in Malay in Pittsburg…. Do you? Uh huh! I can be observant too, ya know! B-D)

And well… everybody except the hubby repents and blah…blah…blah… a really boring climax and an abrupt end. There you go people! I’ve reviewed the movie. And if anyone’s wondering why I subjected myself to this misery, paying money for the theatre people and all, I didn’t. This is from what I saw of the movie from TV. And I might see it again. I love making fun of these stupid, brainless characters you see! Yep… this girl’s an M and an S at the same time! =P

Psssst... don't let this review make you shy of seeing this movie! What's life without a little bad entertainment?! And I personally think Rukmini Vijayakumar who plays Rathna is kinda cute. Oh... and I'm going through PMS. But that does not affect this review in any way! =D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Pooped... but grateful!

Today, on my second day to college, I had to attend my first lab session. And this is all I've to say! I'm so tired that I can't seem to feel my feet at all! Phew! And combine a thirty minute walk to that and an empty stomach back home, you'll mildly get the picture of what I mean people. But you know... I somehow am grateful for all I have. I've loving parents who've never left me wanting anything... I've a handful of true friends who're there for me whenever I need them and loads of things in my life that makes my existence so enjoyable as a whole!

I'm glad people... for all those experiences that were enjoyable. I'm also thankful for all those that weren't, because without those, I wouldn't have learnt some of the most valuable lessons of my life. And I'm thankful for all the people in my life and I pray that all those who I've met and those that I shall meet in the future have the best that is ordained for them and that all creatures great and small don't feel the burden of my existence that much!

Phew! That felt great! And a special thank you to all those who actually read my blog! LOL Love you people!

Well, now I need to fix up a mini-project, complete my Lab report and try studying for a test on Wednesday (and it hasn't even been a week! That HOD is the closest people are ever going to get to Morgoth, I tell you!). But hey! I'll survive! =D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And so it starts.... again.

Ah.... my university has finally reopened for my final year! And though I was a little nervous about getting back to the course, things aren't thaaaat bad. And I will have people know that my idea of 'not thaaaat bad' is actually 'thaaaat bad'!!

If any of those reading this are searching for the long lost cousin of the Grinch, I'll be more than happy to point out his current location. He now dwells in my Department in the University, masquerading as my HOD (Head Of the Department).

Since my classes start at eight thirty and since my university was a good one and a half hour away from my house, I had to get up pretty early! But the bus drivers and ticket issuers (also called conductors here) aren't that bothered about the fact that I could get killed by the Grinc-I mean, my HOD. And so, I ended up a good half an hour behind schedule. But I seriously think I got up the right side of my bed today (And I don't remember which side that is! T__T) because the classes apparently start only at ten thirty on the first day. But not even five minutes had passed when the said HOD stomped into our room.

He then took all of us who were there on a tour around the department. He wanted to show off whatever squandering he'd done with the funds those gullible suckers from the DST-FIST Program so easily handed over. And this includes a state of the art seminar hall that stinks like crazy of some chemical that we don't know the name of, of a dozen apparatuses that nobody in the department know how to work and new projection screens for the classrooms that will probably never see the light of day (or night... or whatever!).

And later on, he managed to give us the heebie jeebies by proclaiming how he was going to skin us alive if we ever dared disobey his orders. Yep... and we're all twenty-somethings who'll most probably be getting into research or teaching after this course is over. Now that's what I call good 'ol professionalism people! ;D

Anyway... it seems like we need to complete a mini-project of sorts this semester and I'm paired with two people who'd rather jump into the raging seas than work with me (and that feeling is entirely mutual!) This is what the wise ones of ancient times called Being caught in between the Devil and the Sea! Something tells me this semester is going to be extremely hilarious!

And now that I remember, I must be at my class by eight tomorrow. This sucketh... like the biggest suckery the world has ever witnessed!

Ai Elbereth! God help us all!

Pssssst... I almost forgot! I found news about a new Manga series called Yotsuba to! It seems like quite the interesting read. And there's one character who got my attention. Please put your hands together for dearest Danbo!

Image by craigmdennis

Isn't he just adorable? I'm sure if you Google for Danbo, you'll get a lot of such cute images! Be sure to enjoy them all! =D