Monday, July 25, 2011

And thus I sign my mails!

It seems like the "save the environment" movement has finally got the people's attention here where I stay. They're making a move to ban all plastic bags. I say, it's about time someone did that! And the next best thing would be to utilize recycled paper for printing newspapers and for government funded textbooks! Oh, and using recycled rubber and aluminium for road construction. Oh, if only they choose to do so, there are so many ways one can make a difference!

And I, in my own little way am doing my bit. Sure, I don't use plastic bags when shopping and I also make sure to send all my plastics and papers (those that can be saved) to be recycled. And then I decided, if there was a way in which a teeny tiny message was conveyed to everybody I corresponded with, it would be great, ne?

And thus was born, my new mail signature!

You guys can use it for your mail signatures as well. If you like what you see, do donate whatever you feel like donating to your local NGO or Animal Shelter! To have been a cause for your good deed is more than enough for me! Oh, and also do let me know in comments! :D

If anybody likes these kind of things and would like more, let me know... I'm thinking of creating banners, buttons and things of that ilk soon enough. Some inspiration is always welcome!

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