Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where's the love?

Nope... this isn't an article about some love lorn teenager or about some PMSing lady blasting her ex. This is about an incident that happened a few days back and it set me thinking.... a lot!

It was raining here and the two kids from upstairs were at my place, wanting to play. Now, I was busy with some work and asked thme to play between themselves till I could join them for a game of Uno. As it happened, they went their separate ways and the younger one went outside and played in the rain while the elder one stayed with me and kept asking me questions about what I was doing. As we were talking, the younger one drops in fully wet and wanting to play. I had her march back to her mom and dry herself, lest she catch a cold. I was just returning back to my work when the elder one remarked,

"Why do you trouble yourself so much, let her catch a cold! Who cares?"
The tone was casual and bordered on spiteful.

And I asked her in return,"I'm concerned. That's why. Aren't you?"
And pat came the reply, "No. I don't care."

As I tried to regain composure over my shock, I asked her, "Don't you love her? She's your sister, isn't she?"
The eyes went cold as she replied, "Nope. I just play with her. Other than that, I don't love her."

I decided not to carry on with the topic and changed it to lighter veins. But I could not stop thinking about the incident.

Sibling Rivalry, much?

I'm an only child, so the dynamics of a sibling relationship are altogether alien to me. But then again, I've had cousins who're just as close as real sisters and we do love each other and care for each other. What is it that caused that child to be so vehement in her proclamation about her indifference bordering on hatred for her younger sister? Is it sibling rivalry? Does she feel threatened that everybody seems to dote upon her younger sister and that leaves her to do desperate (read nasty) things to get the spotlight back on her? Is she feeling lonely?

I wish I could ask her these questions. But I don't know if she'll open up. Maybe there is no problem at all and I'm just over sensitizing the issue. This is when having a sibling would've helped! I have no personal experience to actually give an opinion. A single word to their parents might have them looking at me with scorn. I mean, they would take it in the sense that I'm trying to teach them parenting! Not a good idea! Ah... I hope age mellows her down and makes her wiser!

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