Monday, July 18, 2011

It ends here!

Today, I have been completely disillusioned! And I'm thankful it happened now! Seriously... it's never too late to get away from someone who's just trying to use you for their own selfish ends, right? Well, I deliberated if I should actually write about this episode... you know, considering it involved another entity other than me. But maybe... just maybe through this post, there might be hope for others who might be ensnared by this vicious beast that I had the misfortune of being acquainted with!

For those still in the dark as to what I'm talking about, it's about the cosmetics industry. I should accept. I've never actually been too much of a cosmetics addict. As a matter of fact, I still don't know what the difference between a foundation and a panstick is. I don't know why one should spend a fortune on some silly brand that is overhyped and goshdarned overpriced!

But even then... recently, thanks to a gazillion of my friends getting married and getting all prepared for that with make up shopping and what not, my interest was piqued. But even that rudimentary interest has waned away to disgust and disbelief after reading this Blog - Beauty and the Bullshit

I've known the cosmetics industry actually didn't give a rodent's hiney about the real women out there (irrespective of what they claim) and all they're after is money... but I never knew they'd stoop this low! And to think that they pay reviewers for good reviews with freebies or paid vacations, my disgust level has just hit a record low.

So henceforth, I am not giving a damn about cosmetics. I'm sure I'll survive. And if and when I want something desperately (read: threatened to purchase a lipstick, with a cattle prod while suspended above a vat of boiling oil), I shall go for some brand that is not in the list comprising of "companies" that are so despicable in what they do that I shalln't despoil any language in the world by calling them names (except perhaps French.... that's a lost case, anyway!).

And an itty bitty plea, do spread the word and have everyone you know how these "people" are taking consumers for idiots! Seriously... the nerve of those people!

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