Monday, July 4, 2011

Official rant of the day!

Alright.... All right..... AL&*#(&%RIGHT, DAMN IT!!!!

There's only so much crap any person can take and from the way things are happening around me, I've half the heart (and the entire mind) to perform some serious "Tameshigiri" on a few folks that call themselves my relatives.

For once, after a horrible time of two years, I have some sort of good fortune smiling my way and I don't ask these uncouth specimens to actually sigh dreamily and wish me happiness. But the least they can do is not bitch about it! Why is it that we have so many people smiling at us in what they think is "an understanding empathetic smile" when we have boulders falling from the sky? And why is it that they suddenly turn their noses up and dismiss you like some common arthropod crawling around in their kitchen sink when you tell them something that even remotely resembles "good news"?!

Seriously... Grow the F#*@! UP! 

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