Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The weather and women are so much alike.

The common cold is the vilest disease ever to plague Mankind! The climate at my place right now is exactly like that of a PMSing lady. It's sunny for a while and then, as though the the sudden floodgates of hormonal hell had been unleashed, we have torrential rains. And in the middle of it all, like the poor henpecked husband who can't seem to figure out what hit him, we have.... ME!

And to make matters worse, it feels as though the right side of my face is revolting to be a completely separate entity altogether! It hurts like all the cells there have finally had enough being just the face... it's almost like a revolution! As if that's not enough, the nasal snot is showing some pretty weird properties! The darned thing is really viscous but still free flowing. I've already done a post on that, so for the sake of my own sanity, I shalln't got there again!

To every single soul out there who's traumatized by cold or the weather or PMS-ing wives or girlfriends, Keep your spirits up, folks! That, and pass the broth, if you please! :)

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