Sunday, July 17, 2011

My nails... are being weird and my mom's being weirder!

Ah fey news, my friends!

It seems like some sort of infection has set in on my little finger nail on my left hand. The nail seems a little detached from the skin and has this weird domed appearance with void between the nail and the skin. And this is halfway from the nail bed. The nail seems to have developed a conscience of its own and is growing at an angle to the rest of the healthy nail. It doesn't hurt much. But at times, there's a sense of tingling and numbness that sets in and is discomforting at most. I had reasonably long nails (read one centimeter) and I've cut it short, thanks to it snagging random stuff and driving me insane with pain and causing me to break stuff! Ah... how hard I'd worked to get those nails... and how pretty my fingers looked! Now they just look like shorn lambs.... cute... but not quite there!

If anybody knows what one can do to alleviate this awful malady, do write in!

In other news, my mom's threatened to write a suicide note implicating me of ruining her life if I were to develop pimples and end up crashing the wedding because of it. Really... wow! And now, she wants me to call my in-laws-to-be just for the heck of it. I have no idea what I should be talking to them about and suddenly, having my mom screaming at me for being so detached... it's a tad bit unnerving. What will I talk to them about?! Why can't they call them and then direct the conversation my way which will seem far more convincing. They seem to be those sorts who frown upon pretentious people and me calling them when I have nothing to talk about makes me feel all wannabe. Oy Vey! God help us all!

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