Monday, July 25, 2011

My wishlist of jewellery!

Despite the fact that I cannot distinguish an NC from an NW (They're skin tones apparantly... don't ask me, I'm stumped!), and not being capable of applying the basic foundation or concealer without ending up looking like a yurei from Ju-On, Aaaaand despite the fact that I am not the greatest fan of bubblegum pink (I run in the opposite direction whenever I encounter this colour!), I do love cute things... and if that makes me a girly-girl, so be it!
I was just going through the internet, unmindful of where my browser took me (my browser is overrighteous and shall never stray from the path of goodness... or so I hope!), when I chanced upon one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery every crafted!

Now, I'm a real sucker for hand crafted jewellery and though I hardly have the monetary means to pay for  these babies, I would love to buy them one day... when I can afford them. It sucks to be stuck with little money... especially when your materialistic dreams are not that very avaricious! I mean, I don't ask for gold or diamonds! Why can't I afford to buy something this cute once in a while? And why do the brands at my place overcharge just because they have an air-conditioned store in a posh mall?! Not fair...

Aanyway, just to let the entire world know what I love, I'm posting pictures of the jewellery I was drooling over a while ago. And for the makers of the jewels, I'm giving you guys some free advertising! Can't you spare me a piece? :P And for all the others who can afford to buy them and wear it for everyone to see, darn you!!!!!! Ah... have fun.

The first one is from Enchanted Leaves. I've always had a thing for Autumn! And somehow, the name Enchanted Leaves reminds me so much of burnished foliage and the general magic that surrounds that time of the year. Unfortunately, we don't have autumn where I come from. It's Summer all through the year with muggy rains in between. Ah, one of my life's dreams is to be in the midst of the maple and oak trees when their leaves turn! 

I found their website to be incredibly awesome! Like I said, everything seemed so autumn-y. And since it's one of my favorite seasons (the other being winter), I was instantly hooked! Aaaanway, all pictures below are from the enchanted leaves website and clicking on any of them will direct you there! :)
A cute little acorn that'll brighten your day!

I've a thing for Seahorses!

Like I said, I've a thing for Seahorses!

And feathers... pretty feathers!
And leaves!

wings... mothwings! Who doesn't love these whimsical things!
And lastly, this is from Etsy. I'm definitely not the only one who goes through the shops drooling over the very pretty and cute things they have there! And how can I not have one featuring one of my all time favorite creatures? The Dolphin! I love these wonderful beings from the bottom of my hearts! It is also said that dolphins bring good luck to travellers... I mean, how can they not? What with their sweet dispositions and the ever present earnestness to help? Bless their doplhiny souls!

This beautiful necklace is from AgHalo.

There you have it folks! My love for all things jewellery! :D Now, if only grooms in India and their parents accepted brides decked with such jewellery! Oh well... wishful thinking!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of the sites listed above and these are just my personal opinions. I am not being paid to write about them. 

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  1. oh i love them... they r so pretty i think i should put them up on my wish list n post it to some one.. :P