Monday, July 18, 2011

She gives little... but she gives all she has...

How often do we gnash our teeth and throw sand over our foreheads claiming that love has departed from this world and that nobody actually gives a damn what happens to his fellow being? These days, people find it extremely difficult being magnanimous and kind to the ones from the same species. So, it is only imaginable how extremely hard it is for someone to be kind to something supposed as trivial as a dog or a cat! WRONG!

I was going through the morning paper when something caught my eye. It was the story of a seventy year old lady from Ambattur who was finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet but still went out in the sweltering weather to feed stray animals near her place and another place where she used to live before. She had a broken marriage but instead of just hating the world for it, she decided to love... unconditionally... completely!

It was heart-wrenching reading her tale when she said that when the biscuits for the dogs got over, she'd give them her food, stating she could live on water for days but she couldn't bear seeing the strays go without food.

It's amazing how the truly great at heart can give so little but they give everything they have. And truly, God lives on in people like her. I should be thankful for having had the opportunity to come across this dame and her work. And if there's anyone from Thiruvanmiyur who's reading this and has a house for rent, wouldn't you consider her for a change? :)

For more on this touching tale, go HERE.

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