Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry.... just doesn't seem to age!

I finally managed to see the latest Harry Potter film in 3D. If only they could make these glasses lighter! By the time the movie was over, I was sporting a headache so huge, it felt like Voldemort was tap dancing inside with all his Death Eaters!

And what's with everybody looking the same 19 years later?! I mean, come on! It is so difficult adjusting to the fact that they're old... and actually.... OLDER THAN I AM when only a moment ago, they were 17! ARGH.... It's just not natural! But my mom was actually glad they retained the younger actors with a few prosthetic double chins and wrinkles because it would apparantly be confusing with difference actors! That's where a good screenplay comes into picture... isn't it?

Aaaanyway, when I was watching the 36 year old Harry and his similarly aged friends, I couldn't help but think of small kids putting on their parent's clothes just because they feel it's cool... it's cute but something's definitely off. Something like this -

I should take up Illustrating, don't you think so? :P