Saturday, July 16, 2011

Selfishness was never a virtue

DISCLAIMER: I know this post is a bit harsh. But it's about time I did this! And anyone who's going to send me correspondences arguing against my views shall be patiently listened to. I shall be that gracious, worry not!

I read a post on one of the blogs I follow and it dealt with the author's inability to actually stay with a specific group of people. About how nobody was good enough for that person. And it got me thinking... When is something good enough? Why do we have such impossible yardsticks to measure someone's worth?

If I don't like what someone's doing, I tend to not tell them and just grin and bear it. I know it's not a nice thing to do. I know it's much better to actually voice your irritations when someone calls you at two in the morning to ramble on about their ex-flame and their general distorted views of life. And honestly, when all they do is complain, it does tend to wear one's patience to a fine strand.

So, here's to everyone who thought they were misunderstood by the world and actually called someone in the middle of the night to tell the poor half-asleep soul that "arrogance is the only true virtue and to be selfish is the only way to actually get what you want", GROW UP! Arrogance is a vice. It always has been. It always shall be. Just because you inhaled a full cylinder of Helium, it does not make you the surveyor of all that moves and all that doesn't! And the next time you walk away to rant about how people actually don't give a damn and disappoint you because they're all that you thought they were, remember... the line has two ends and more often than not, they moved away because you told them "selfishness was in!" I sure am no communist! But if I found someone who actually celebrated selfishness and was being all haughty just because they believe they've accomplished so much in whatever field they're working on, I'd gently tap their shoulder and point them towards a myriad others who thought the same and are lost in the crown when a few who still held their heads firmly on their shoulders ended up famous and actually doing something worthwhile.

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