Friday, July 11, 2008

Anna beckons! :D

Yesterday, Dad and I went to Anna University to get the details on the admission procedures and the works. And one thing is certain... Anna University might just change some important aspects of my life! I can feel it in my bones! Brrrr....

And there were certain people I knew who I bumped into. Well... technically, I know them. But I'm not so sure if they do. Oh well! I've always been a little apprehensive about huge crowds of men... and since the group was precisely that, I wasted no time in getting out of there! And Dad was wondering why I didn't stay back for him in the canteen, where I'd run into them. Ai yaaa! Fathers... they can never get stuff sometimes.

And the people who work there in the canteen aren't exactly bright! I'd asked for a plate of Dosa and there was one available. But rather than give that to me, he told me that it was another person's order and that he was waiting for that person to come and claim it. Oh well... never mind that the dosa was left unattended till I finished my plate (which came much later) and left the place. In the end, that person who's dosa it was, got cold dosa and I had to wait for a long time for mine. Oh well...

And my classes start from eight of August. That's still a month away! And if I don't kill someone with excess boredom, I think I'll have a fair chance of making it to the Royal throne of Khonan! ;D

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