Monday, July 7, 2008

To get it or not to get it...reality bites

I've been blog surfing for a while now. And I'm seeing a lot of blogs with their own chat boards. Little spaces where anyone can pen down messages... almost like a public bulletin board that showcases the messages (conversations mostly) for everyone to see. And they all look so pretty and nice... syncing well with the background theme and all. And I wonder if I should put one on my blog. But then... I don't think that's such a bright idea.

Nobody would use it if I was to put it in my blog. That's because,
  1. Strangers are not going to say Hi! with my blog as their coffee-shop! I mean... yeah... it would be nice if I knew so many people came and read my writings. But the 'counter' is more than enough to bring me down to reality... Hardly anyone reads my blog!

  2. Those blogs which have posts in them have it because they were posted by friends of the blogger who all have blogs of their own... and this is how they virtually hang out... synonymous to how they'd all hang out at their friend's place. And since I doubt if any of my friends know I have a blog like this , I don't think any one's going to come 'hang out' here! (I'm not counting you here, Sido! I know you know that I have this blog. But I doubt if you ever came back.... Hmmm... Guess that post's either scared you or disgusted you to my writings. Oh well!)

So the decision is unanimous. I shall not go for a chat board now. That shall only embarrass me further!

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