Thursday, July 17, 2008

iPod Woes...

Well... if there is anyone out there who faces this selfsame problem, please take a minute out of your busy schedule to sigh and pat yourself in the back. If you haven't broken your computer and iPod by now, I swear my allegiance to your patience and tolerance (aren't they the same? Whatever!)

It all started when I wanted to synch two extra songs into my iPod and so, I did what I always do. Open iTunes and wait for the silly thing to recognize my iPod and start synchronizing (the two songs were already there in my library and well... technically, that means I'll end up with the old files and the two new ones). But fey fate! I waited an eon and more (Time IS relative!) but nothing happened. Windows seemed to recognize my iPod and was even gracious enough to give it a drive of its own. But iTunes... nay! After a million visits to the Apple website, I managed to fix the problem.

And then, it suddenly occured to me. I wanted to load another CD of mine into my iPod. And well... this would be the perfect scenario to test it if it has indeed been truly and completely exorcised of this problem. And I've been trying to get my system to bend to my wishes for the past three hours!

If the system senses the iPod as the F:/ drive, iTunes will act funny and won't respond until I disconnect the darn device! And if iTunes miraculously accepts iPod into itself, the silly thing won't synch properly.

I had tried all the different possible solutions that the good folks at Apple had put up in their "Supports" page. And all to no avail!

And now I realize what the problem is... my system is too slow! Hah! It's kinda funny you know... Photoshop CS3 runs without a hitch even though the system requirements aren't met. But iTunes stops working even though my system has more than enough memory to tackle the program.
(And no! I had absolutely no other program running or unwanted background processes processing when this was happening! Just in case people wanted to know.)

Sigh... I have somehow managed to work a truce out with my system and her components. Let us see how things go.

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