Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sai my louve!

I'm officially stating this here... I've found love! Once more!
And the character I'm in love with is... Fujiwara no Sai from Hikaru no Go.
Alright! I know he doesn't exist per say.... but I like him! Yep... his passion for his interest (the game of Go), his determination (he wants to perfect his gaming skills even after he's kicked the bucket!), his innocence... Oh, I could go on!
And well... he's kinda dead. I'm not going to give the plot summary here... Google it please? But it's an interesting read. And I just might take up go now! :D

P.S. Hotohori is still my official love...and then there is Sesshoumaru... Gee... I've a thing with guys who's names start with 'S' or what?
Saihitei, Sesshoumaru and now Fujiwara no Sai. Well.. Fujiwara no Sai means "Sai of the Fujiwara".
Oh, by the way, Fujiwara was a famous Noble family in the Heian period of Japanese History.

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