Friday, July 18, 2008


I was just surfing the net the other day and I came across this nice article that gave step-by-step instructions on how to wear a Kimono.
And well... since I am a crazy fan of everything Japanese, I decided to look through the article. And by the time I was done, I've come to terms with the following facts -
  • A good quality Kimono is VERY Expensive. And will leave my wallet thin by at least $2000. And that's for a Kimono that's been borrowed for a day (three hours exactly!). So... unless I mysteriously become a millionaire overnight, there is no way I can afford that! *sigh*
  • Wearing the Kimono is NOT a joke! And I thought wearing the saree was a funny ordeal! Compared to wearing the kimono, the saree looks like something you just wrap around yourself haphazardly! If you don't believe me, Follow this link and thou shalt know I utter the truth!
    How to wear a Kimono...or die trying! ;D
  • A kimono will feel stifflingly hot in Chennai (which is where I so humbly have my abode... for now). And plus, where will I wear it to? Haloween? New Year? If I don't trip and fall on my face trying to walk in it, I'll be more than happy, thank you!

Well... even after seeing all of these discouraging 'obstacles' in my path to 'Kimono Paradise', I assure you! There shall come a time when I shall wear this piece of clothing! And darn yes! I shall have a wealthy, good-looking Japanese Particle Theorist husband to buy it for me! Well... nothing wrong dreaming... right?

Well... That's it in this post, I guess. Augh... why don't I get the things I want?! Ahem... thanks for dropping by!

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