Friday, July 4, 2008

In pursuit of Laziness

I feel totally uninspired right now... Almost like I survive because I have to. Oh! How I wish something would change and grant me enough excitement to blog about! And there were some leaks in the house and the whole family is hunting the plumber down for not fixing it.

And I seriously want a pet! A dog.... I don't mind mongrels! I love mongrels as a matter of fact! Oh... How I wish I had a dog! I find them very spiritual and inspiring! Almost as inspiring as sugar...

The weather is a little onto the 'HOT' side... and I am feeling drowsy though I know I shouldn't sleep off in the afternoon like this... There are so many chores to do. But what is one to do with no inspiration!?

Oh well... I guess I'll just wallow through my days thus and end my life in a dramatic display of emotions.

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