Thursday, July 10, 2008

Movies I'm dying (or killing) to see!

Oh kay... maybe the title's a bit too intense... Die is too strong a verb....'risk my life to a reasonable extent' will be a better substitute.
These are the few movies I soooo want to see!

1) KUNG FU PANDA: Kick it up for Po, the panda! I saw the trailers and beware... if I ever see you guys with a ticket to this movie, I will try homicide to get it. I love everything about that panda... from his knickers to his 'Aooooo' when he attempts Kung Fu. So, if someone wants to take me to this movie! YES! YES! OH YES!!!

2) WALL-E: I don't know... the robot seemed so... so.... no, cute is not the word... more than cute! Lovable... Well, from the trailers I've seen, I find Wall-e to be one of those characters that I would cry for. Yep! I'd cry for a robot! How about that? I'm not that cruel after all! :P And somehow, if a lonely robot who's had just himself for company for 700 years doesn't melt your heart, NOTHING will! (Okay... that was a bit of an exaggeration. But play along... please?)
And if you have a free ticket to spare (or just a ticket... I don't mind filling your place! MWAHAHAHA!), who're you gonna call?
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