Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mundane happenings

I've succeeded in being off-line for more than twelve hours at a stretch. And I... am particularly very VERY proud of this feat!

And the reason, I was forced to undertake this Herculean task? My system crashed.
Now, before a certain villain decides to take this opportunity to poke fun at my IRIS (yeah, Sido! I can see you there! :P), I shall clarify it here that it was another system that my Dad uses for office purposes that decided to take the plunge. And we are fighting really hard to keep her hanging in there!

Now, the person (read saviour) who turned up for repairing the system was a friend of my dad's. And boy... did I feel sorry for that fella! The moment he powered on the system, Dad decided to keep him updated on his philosophies regarding Life, Love, The know... things along those line? And if I'd been in his place, I would have screamed, tearing my hair out and would've wasted no time in shoving the keyboard up his nose and running around in circles. (I do love my father... but I also do have a problem with his philosophies... Ai yaaaaa!)

And when the Windows does load and the Desktop appears, he confronts.... Hotohori in all his splendour! And I guess he was a little jealous (or insecure?) of Hori-kun's six pack...or he thought it was the picture of a half-naked woman... and he promptly changed the desktop to a blank grey. I know it might not sound funny... but somehow, I can't help but laugh.

That's my Hotohori! So beautiful... it's scary!

And tomorrow's when I'll have to remit the fees for my first semester at Anna University. Somehow, I feel bittersweet about the whole thing... happy in a way... but anxious and unexplainably sad at the same time. Does it mean untold Drama awaits me there?

Who can tell? Only Time! (© Enya)

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