Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random.... very random thoughts

Well... I was just going through my old stuff... and I came across this diary where I'd jotted random notes (that make no sense whatsoever!) back when I was employed in Cognizant and was forced to 'bench' it out! I thought they were funny... But if you think not, go play in the traffic!

  • Smiley balls (now now! No dirty thoughts!) make Akheelah Raghupathi smile like she was a botoxed Cheshire cat!
  • Saranya knows loads of stuff about Australia, Pregnancy and other family stuff (ahem...ahem...)
  • Anurag....(sigh....dreamy guy alert!) is awesome and hot! But he gives me the same amount of attention he gives a worn out dish-rag!(And Ken.... Don't worry! It 'was' just an itsy-bitsy crush! :D)
  • Nisha seems all sad... and she keeps biting her nails!
  • Anisha loves my backpack and looks so cute wearing it!
  • Roysetta.... knows about 'Things'! GASP.... ^_^;
  • Priya is as patient as the hills! She so patiently puts up with me!
  • Vidhya is "Karthik's" friend.... (James Blunt's "You're beauiful" should apply here where I come! And I'll be the one singing! LOL)
  • Tamilosai... she talks like a pro... and can have even the most morose person in splits in seconds! Rock on girl! ;)
  • Testing sucks!
  • Development ELT's (Entry Level Trainees) look way better than Testing ELT's.... the guys atleast! :P

Now.... I know this sounds weird... but it almost feels like I've been a mute spectator of some vision from my past.... and it felt good! Thanks for joining me here! Now, go on!

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