Monday, July 7, 2008

Me wants! Me wants!

Okay.... I don't normally ask for many 'girly' stuff (I get them myself ya see? ;D). But if there's one thing I'd love to recieve, that would most definitely be a celtic ring! Escpecially one in sterling silver! Darn... Now's when I wish I was in Ireland. I wouldn't have so much trouble getting the ONE ring that I truly desire! But here, getting a celtic ring that's truly celtic (not just some mindless jumble of knots) is as likely as finding the easter bunny at Christmas!

Oh how I wish my saviour would come sweeping down with this ring at hand and offer it to me and go his merry way! (You didn't expect me to say propose now... did you?)

Oh well... all I can do now is gaze at this picture and hope that maybe one day, I'll get to go to Ireland and gaze at those ruined sites where the druids once sang and the Celts ruled all under sky!
The Dream Ring! @__@
P.S. I seriously doubt if I was half Irish - half Japanese in my previous life! Maybe I was obsessed with all things Indian then. ;D
Oh... and if anyone can kindly get me that ring... I assure you, I'll remember your name when I become the ruler of the world and I shall personally make sure that you have your own personal island to rule over! So... do hurry up!

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