Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Old flames... reignited

Disclaimer: Before you get the wrong idea, this post does not talk of any ex-boyfriends or paramours.

Alright.... Just the other day, I was trying to clean my room. And as usual, I got side-tracked halfway through. That's one of the most enjoyable parts of cleaning long disregarded rooms and cupboards. You never know what'll hit you!

And guess what I found! My old copy of "Lord of the Rings"! And yes... I love that book and every other book that goes with it! I've read the Silmarillion atleast ten times and I've also read The unfinished Tales. And the History of Middle Earth series is the first thing in my literary wishlist! *hint hint*

Well... since I joined for work, I hardly had the time to sleep properly let alone get my literary pursuits back on track! So, finding that book was almost like having slipped through the veils of Time into a time well into the past (atleast by two years!).

And it occurs to me now... I've been one of the greatest fans of Tolkien around! And I'm still one at heart! And I shall continue to strive for fandom perfection in all ways possible.

So watch out world! Anarya of Lorien is back!
Im teli dan!
(I've come back in Sindarin! Hahahahaaa! Oh it feels good!)

P.S. Kiba, my virtual pet is here to stay! Please do try to get along.. he's normally such a dear! Except when he gets those mood swings! Yep! He gets mood swings... what can I say? I'm weird... so are my pets...virtual and real!

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