Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yeah! That's right! bring it on people! We're having a crisis at home right now. The stove... the heart and hearth of our kitchen.... is not working! Gasp! And we are all praying it gets better soon! I cannot starve like this! It is not fair! WAAAAAAH!

Ahem... And moving on, today, I was overcome by madness (more than the usual dosage anyway) and painted my toe nails. And when I saw how ghastly they looked, I rushed to rid myself of the eye-sore only to find that I'd run out of the nail polish remover! That means the world will have to put up with my silly toes and their sillier colours for a while longer! MWAHAHAHA! I feel I have acquired the most effective tool of torture!

Me: Hey you punk! Get me your Lunch money! *evil sneer*
Random Kid: No way! I want this to buy gummy bears!
Me: Kid... don't make me angry... you don't wanna see me angry!
Random Kid: No! I shall not fear bullies! Ki yaaaaa! *strikes Kung fuu panda pose*
Me: OH yeah? Then fear this! *lifts leg up to show kid hideously painted toe nails*
Random Kid: OH NOOOOO!!!!! It's sapping my kiiiiiiiii! Here... have all the money I have! Just take that thing away from me!!!!!
Me: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ooooooh I'm evil!

Evil I am... and a bit retard... i think! But who cares?! What's life without the retards? We keep the world a fun place for all! :D

P.S. I guess many would've noticed... The toasters in the side don't move with you anymore! They're just tired! Don't mind them! :P


  1. what happened to the toaster at home ? just curious :D

  2. Ah! Goodie! A comment! The almighty 'Toaster' is always immune to any calamity that befalls its kind! It's the god forsaken Stove that's the problem here! And YAY! We got it repaired! :D