Friday, July 18, 2008

Hair ties...

Have you ever been intrigued by this seemingly simple piece of hair accessory? No? Well.. I have been! And somehow, I can't take this thing off my mind!

Hair ties...
A band of fabric used to secure the hair in a bunch away from the face.

A simple explanation for something that means so much more! Being a girl, I know how dependent women can get on this small thing.

Imagine a lady sitting beside you in the bus. The wind gushes in... her hair flies all over the place. And presto! She pulls out a circular ring-like thingy from within the deep confines of her handbag and after a series of swishes and sweeps, her hair is neatly confined to a ponytail, no longer a hazard to anyone around! That is the power of the Hair tie!

Every time I board the public transport, I find my eyes drawn to the hair style of those around me... men and women alike. And if it's a lady who's gracing the seat beside me, I tend to observe the type of hair tie she's wearing... the pattern... the texture... it's dangling pom-poms and everything concerned with it.

I still cannot explain why I am so drawn towards this piece of hair adornment. Was I a hair tie in my previous birth? Or did I die for want of one? (Okay... that's a weird thought!)
I have a million hair ties in my wardrobe. But I still cannot resist the temptation of getting another one... even if its twin is there with me... hardly used!

'Tis is a serious thing.... this hair tie.

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